Training for Dave Warren May 2015 to Current


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Workout Vids/Ab Work/Strength/Core + Hips

Shalane Flanagan - Circuit Best Circuit Video I have found

FSU Core Workout


FSU Abs Youtube


Jay Johnson The Jay Johnson pedestal and Myrtle are better than FSU core.

Strength 1

Strength 2

Strength 3

Strength 4

Strength 5


Solid article on hills by David McNeil




400m IH at Churchill. Say what?

Lane 4 at the Churchill track is set up for 400m IH. From the common start/finish walk back 5m. Look for a green mark on the inside of lane 4. That is the start line, finish line for this race. From that spot go out in lane 4 for 45m. Another green mark is H1. Go out 35m to the next green mark and you will find H2. Another 35 and you will find H3. Another 35m and you will see a red mark for H1 of the 300m IH or H4 of the 400m IH. Use the red marks all the way around to complete your race. Note that the last red mark at the conclusion of the 300m IH will not be used. That would result in going over 11 hurdles.


Julia Reicin Steeplechase training summer 2015


1step 3 step drill by Steve McGill

The spacing for the hurdles should be: over 30's, 7 feet apart; over 33's, 8 feet apart; over 36's, 9 feet apart; over 39's, 10 feet apart.


Hurdle Work

Technical Sydney


Fantastic Articles on girls prepubescent/just starting puberty girls vs. tail end or finished

Post Article

Seattle Times Article


Awesome Races, Jumps, Throws

RIO 2016 200m Final - Women

RIO 2016 800m Final - Men

RIO 2016 400 Women

Carmelita Jeter 100m Slow Motion 2011 WC

RIO 2016 400m Men

Susanna Kallur 60mHH

Brussels 2014 Barshim 2.43

London 2012 100m W Final

London 2012 100m M Final

London Men 4x1

Women 4x1

Men 110HH

Women 100IH




Joyner Kersee


Richards Ross

Osaka World Champs Wariner


2014 Churchill Boys 4x4 at Penn Heat Winner

2014 Churchill Girls 4x1 at Penn

2014 Churchill Boys 4x1 at Penn

Churchill Girls 4x4 at Penn


2015 Penn Relays Boys 4x1

2015 Penn Relays Girls 4x1


Mile WR - Men

Daegu 2011 1500 Women

Moscow 2013 800 semis women

1972 Olympic Final Men

Girls 2012 1500 World Junior Championships


400IH Daegu 2011 Women

100HH Women Final Beijing

100HH Women Final Moscow 2013

2012 London Mens Steeple Final


Course Maps

MD State Meet Current

Montgomery County XC Course

4a West Regional XC Course

Hereford Course Map old course

The old Hereford course is almost exactly the same as the new one. The first two miles are roughly the same.


Interstate XC at Clear Spring


McDaniel Course Map

McDaniel Course Summary



Long thread Sub 1:50 training